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Client Testimonials

When Mike asked for a recommendation for Better Basement Solutions, I felt it was important to go to the Project Managers in the field who are actually using the product. I received immediate positive responses from all three. "Good vendor never any problems. Very responsive", "Mike Bare hits my delivery dates fine - has even helped out in a pinch" and finally "When I call for material, it was there and if I was in a jam and forgot to call, it wasn't a problem--they would be there". Coming directly from the field, I would say that is high praise.

Ellie Lund
Purchasing Department
R/C Management Corporation,
General Partner of Rouse/Chamberlin, Ltd.

We have used Boman Kemp products for over 10 years for our egress needs. Gary Sensenig has serviced us for many of those years and he provides a great service with a quality product every time. His company is easy to work with and they go out of their way to meet our requests. I would recommend Better Basement Solutions for your egress supplier.

Kevin Martin
Weaver Precast/Superior Walls

A&J Precast