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Basement Window Well Covers | Accessories

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From basement window well covers to safety ladders and steel grates, Better Basement Solutions offers the accessories you need to complete your basement project and comply with code requirements for safety.

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Basement Window Well Covers

We offer 2 styles of window well covers, designed to keep leaves, snow, excess water and other debris out of your window wells.

Polycarbonate Plastic Window Well Covers
Basement Window Well Covers

These clear plastic window well covers pair with your existing window well grate, creating a seamless solution. Strong polycarbonate plastic meets weight requirements when combined with steel safety grate. No installation required.

Bubble (Domed) Window Well Covers

Our bubble (domed) basement window well covers are an attractive option that can be used without an existing steel safety grate. Bubble design prevents standing above the window well for added safety.

Steel Safety Grates
Steel Safety Grates

Our steel safety grates are strong enough to handle foot traffic and designed to keep animals and children from falling into the window well.

Rockwell Steel Escape Ladders
Steel Escape Ladders

Steel escape ladders can be mounted onto Rockwell window wells to assist people from below grade locations with emergency exits.

Boman Kemp Escape Ladders
Escape Ladders

Boman Kemp escape ladders come attached to the back of our galvanized window wells and are intended to aid people in case of an emergency escape.