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Family Basement

Better Basement Solutions specializes in basement window well installation for both new construction and retrofit projects. Based in New Holland, PA we serve residential customers and commercial contractors throughout South Central, PA.

The company started as a division of Eagle Building Solutions, founded by Nelson Sensenig. In 2012, Nelson's son, Gary purchased the basement window wells division of Eagle Building Solutions and named the new company Better Basement Solutions.

With over 15 years of excellence behind it, Better Basement Solutions is known for superior service throughout the area and takes pride in their flexibility in working with contractors, going the extra mile to meet tough deadlines.

Gary Sensenig, Owner


Gary started his career in the construction industry working for Eagle Building Solutions where he built screen rooms and additions, installed rain gutters and replacement windows and delivered and installed window wells. Gary purchased the window wells division of Eagle Building Solutions in 2012 and now handles a variety of jobs from sales and delivery to billing and installation.

Gary has been happily married to his wife Krista for two years. They have two dogs, an American Staffordshire Terrier named Mia and an English Mastiff named Benzi. Gary and his wife live in New Holland and love going on vacation to any place warm, usually to the beach.

Mike Bare, General Manager/Sales


Mike Bare has been in the construction industry for forty years, gaining his experience from the ground level up the management ladder. Prior to joining Better Basement Solutions (BBS) two years ago, Mike specialized in outside sales at Eagle Building Solutions, LLC for two decades.

Mike's ability to recognize customer needs and his willingness to find solutions inspired him to introduce Bowman Kemp e-gress window well systems as a specialized niche - allowing multiple options to solve e-gress projects. That was 15 years ago, today Mike's expertise and knowledge of e-gress systems is unparalleled in the building industry.

Over the past decade, the satisfaction and value realized in offering Live Space options to builders is best said in Mike's words: "When a builder recognizes that multiple window wells installed in a foundation adds more living space, as well as adding value to a home, …when they can see beyond just an alternate way out of the basement…that gets me excited!"